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Orchard Planting WSM

Orchard Planting Weston Super Mare

The Natural Connections project has been working with a group in Weston Super Mare, from the Healthy Living Centre, who are involving the local community to develop an allotment site. To encourage more local people to get involved and raise awareness of this excellent project the Forest of Avon Trust worked in partnership with Avon Wildlife Trust to engage local families in a day of planting and making bug homes to improve the allotment for both people and wildlife.

A dozen apple trees were planted around the plot with some companion planting of herbs and lavender to attract pollinators and benefit the trees. Despite the ground being a bit heavy going all the planting was completed on the day and a high level of interest was generated in the wider project with many of those involved committed to coming out again. Everyone stayed out for the whole session and a family, with two boys who had not been to the site before, were keen to start preparing ground on the rest of the site for future planting. The boys said ‘This is so much better than being indoors and being bored!’.

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