Big Green Week Woodland Conference

Keynote Speech in Water Vole Woodland at Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Keynote Speech by Rowena Kenny

The beautiful and sunny Water Vole Woodland at Lawrence Weston Community Farm was the excellent host for our Bristol Big Green Week woodland event. It was a great success with a fantastic turn out of over 40 professionals from education, social and health sectors attending. Rowena Kenny set the scene with an enlightening and inspiring talk exploring how children’s and adults’ relationships with the outdoors has changed over the past few decades and why it is so important that we are all able to get out into natural spaces.

A range of hands-on workshops and presentations exploring activities that connect people to nature and the experiences of specific groups was well received. Those attending were keen to take forward ideas from the day with one delegate from the health sector commenting – ‘It was excellent, inspiring and thought provoking. I now have lots of good ideas to put into practice!’.

Rowena Kenny, who gave the keynote speech and a presentation on the outcomes of her work, commented – ‘The seminar was a brilliant opportunity to bring together and showcase the work of Access to Nature funded projects in the Bristol area and the work of other local partners.  It was so powerful to hear how effective these projects have been at embedding outcomes and reaching into new sectors and it was so encouraging to hear such enthusiasm from professionals working in health, social care, mental health, play and education to build on and develop this important work.’

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