Woodland Activity Family Day

Marshmallows being cooked.

Cooking on the fire.

The Forest of Avon Trust in partnership with with Bristol Adoption Support Service has run a day for 30 people in the woods at Ashton Court Estate. The family groups went on a short walk across the top of Ashton Court Estate exploring natural colours that can be found in the landscape. Then, in a small woodland clearing the group  spent the day enjoying games and activities in the woods, as well as having a relaxing lunch and marshmallows toasted on the fire.

Feedback from the day was very positive with the group really enjoying time together playing and having fun in the woods. As well as enjoying the activities families really valued finding a quiet area of woodland that they said they would come back and visit in the future. Staff from Bristol Adoption Support Service were particularly keen to develop more opportunities in the future for the groups they support.

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