Committed to Getting Woodlands Managed

The Forest of Avon Trust has produced approved Forestry Commission Woodland Management Plans for over 700 ha of local woodlands. This is part of our commitment to getting at least 50% of woodlands in to management by 2020.

We are very grateful for sponsorship which means that making contact with woodland owners across Avon and offering advice on grant schemes.

We are also extremely pleased that the Forestry Commission continues to make woodland management a priority and in return for their Woodland Planning Grant we can produce an approved Woodland Management Plan for free* (for woodlands 3ha+).

The new Woodland Stewardship scheme means that an approved management plan is now required to access the new Woodland Improvement grants and associated capital grants.

If you have a woodland which is 3ha+ please get in touch for a no- obligation meeting to discuss your woodland and the new grants which are available.

We are seeking sponsorship to offer the same free service for smaller woodland owners.

*For complex woodlands there may be a modest charge.

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