Calling all Bristol Allotment Holders

Ashmeads Kernel c.Trees for Life

We  are delighted to have teamed up with Bristol City Council’s Allotments Team for the fifth year running.

Once again we can offer discounted, high quality, 3 year old potted fruit trees. Whilst allotment holders are limited to dwarfing root-stocks, we can still offer a huge range of  fruit trees and bushes in many varieties.

Trees and bushes are available for collection from Ashton Court in early November 2016 and early March 2017. (A total of 6 dwarfing fruit trees are allowable on an allotment.)

Interested? All you have to do is click: FoA-Trust-Quality-Fruit-Tree-List-2016_17 to download the list, check the varieties and tree forms you want are available on the following rootstocks and email with your tree and/ or bush order. We will confirm availability and let you know payment and collection details.

Rootstocks for allotments

Apples: M27 and M9; Pears/ Quinces: Quince C; Plums/ Damsons/ Gages/ Mirabelles/ Peaches on VVA-1; Cherries: Gisela 5; Apricots on Torinel.

Tree forms for allotments

Most forms (shapes) of trees are allowable provided they are on an approved rootstock (above). As a general rule espaliers and fan- trained trees are not suitable for allotments, as many are grown on more vigorous rootstocks. 

Please also contact us for your garden fruit and ornamental trees.

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