Forest loss in World Heritage sites

IUCN reports that the majority of natural World Heritage sites are under increasing pressure from human activities, according to a new analysis that quantifies for the first time changes in human footprint and forest loss in over 100 terrestrial natural World Heritage sites.  The study, led by the University of Queensland, Wildlife Conservation Society, University of Northern British Columbia, and IUCN appears in the journal Biological Conservation.

Bastian Bertzky, Science Adviser for IUCN’s World Heritage Programme, and co-author of the paper, says:

“The data speaks for itself: human pressure and forest loss are increasing in the world’s most precious natural areas.  Despite their international recognition, natural World Heritage sites are continuously facing severe threats, including from logging, mining, dams and roads, when they should be granted the highest level of protection.”

You can read read more here.  The article “Recent Increases in Human Pressure and Forest Loss Threaten Many Natural World Heritage Sites” by James Allan and colleagues appears in Biological ConservationVolume 206, February 2017 (doi: 10.1016/j.biocon.2016.12.011).

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