Changes to planning policy

The woodland Trust has highlighted a number of issues in the current planning policy white paper.

The Trust says:

“Our ancient woods and trees are exceptional habitats. Yet currently, they are not effectively protected from development.  The new Housing White Paper – called ‘Fixing our broken housing market’ – sets out the Government’s aims to help reform the housing market and increase the supply of new homes in England. It includes the very welcome intention to improve the protection given to ancient woods and trees, by adding them to a list of the nation’s assets that should be explicitly protected from development.  This is an important step towards stronger protection. But it will only make an impact if the specific planning policy relating to ancient woodland is updated too.

The Trust says that the proposals in the Housing White Paper haven’t just come out of nowhere; rather, they’re the result of years of campaigning by thousands of our supporters.  The website has an informative timeline infographic that shows ups and downs (wins and losses) over recent years.

The Trust says that the changes in the White Paper will lead to amendments to the National Planning Policy Framework, which sets out planning policy in England, and asks us to help ensure those changes lead to effective protection for ancient woods and trees.  A public consultation closed on May 2nd.

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