Oak or Ash: Soak or Splash

The old folk tale has it that:

  • Ash before oak – we’re in for a soak (that is, yet another wet summer)
  • Oak before ash – we’re (only) in for a splash (that is, not as wet a summer as it might have been)

Well, whatever the truth of all this, it’s enough for me to keep as eye on the oak and the ash to see which comes into leaf first.  Then, typically, I forget about it before summer comes and so never really know whether the prediction was up to much.

Not this year, though.  The ash is so far behind the oak where I live (and have visited recently) that it seems that we’re in for a dry summer (relatively speaking).  And the time lag is so pronounced that I’m unlikely to forget it this time.  In fact, it’s so great that it has prompted me to wonder …

[i] is this a local effect or more widespread?

[ii] it is because of the dry winter and spring we have had?

[iii] is it related to ash dieback, or some other noxious pest I’ve not yet heard of yet?

[iv] is it to do with Brexit!

Does anyone know?

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