Is the EU helping halt global deforestation?

Last week’s Guardian has a report saying that “Europe’s contribution to global deforestation may rise by more than a quarter by 2030, despite a pledge to halt such practices by the end of this decade.”  The newspaper says that this is what a leaked draft EU analysis says.  The report goes on:

“An estimated 13m hectares (Mha) of the world’s forestland is lost each year, a figure projected to spiral in the next 30 years with the AmazonGreater Mekong and Borneo bearing the brunt of tree clearances.  But despite signing several international pledges to end deforestation by this decade’s end, more than 5Mha of extra forest land will be needed annually by 2030 to meet EU demand for agricultural products, a draft EU feasibility study predicts.”

It’s our consumption of products such as beef, soya and palm oil that might increase our contribution to global deforestation.  Many would say “will” rather than “might”.




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