Time running out

Time is running out for ancient woodland says the Woodland Trust, adding that habitats are disappearing before our eyes.  The Trust says:

More than 700 ancient woods are under threat right now from houses, roads, quarries and railways (such as HS2).  They can never be replaced, yet development projects are still allowed to nibble away at their edges, cut them in half or destroy them altogether.  In autumn 2017 we had a unique opportunity to demand better protection for the ancient woods and trees we have left.  You helped us challenge Government and ask ‘is this the kind of country we want to be?’  Across the UK government departments had major policy decisions to make.  You helped to influence the ministers who run these departments to ensure the loss of ancient woods and trees becomes unacceptable.   Whilst we recognise the need for investing in infrastructure, we also believe that ancient woodland loss and damage is avoidable. We want to see development projects that respect the value of woods and trees. House building, transport links and thriving businesses need not come at the expense of irreplaceable natural assets.

There’s more here, including a map.

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