Tree Power

Tree Power is an education programme for schools that supports teachers and schools to inspire new generations about the local and global importance of trees and forests through a combination of global and outdoor learning.  The first Tree Power Teachers’ Resource Pack provides Key Stage 2 teachers with 8 interlinked sessions to deliver with their class. It is a cross-curricular resource and will help primary teachers to deliver a range of curriculum elements in a creative and engaging way.

Tree Power is about:

  • both the local and global importance of trees and forests
  • creating powerful learning experiences for children through practical immersion in woodlands and forests and sharing of learning between schools in Africa and the UK
  • real life stories about the role of trees and forests in livelihoods and cultures
  • the use of trees and forest resources and the UK’s impact on global deforestation

Its objectives are to

[1] enable children to explore the role of trees and forests in environmental, economic, social and cultural terms, and to explore the causes of deforestation, and its impact on the environment, farming, climate change, and livelihoods.

[2] engage children as local guardians of trees (through tree planting and care projects) and as global guardians of trees (through taking action against deforestation and irresponsible consumption of tree products).

You can download the Pack here



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