Leaf pollution

Here’s a story from the Environmental News network of falling leaves polluting the soil with hydrocarbons.  It begins:

“In the Autumn leaves fall and apparently contaminate soil.  It happens in the Italian woods where remediation is required by law for heavy hydrocarbon concentration greater than 50 milligrams per kilo.  It was revealed by a study conducted by scientists at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and The Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes (CNR) in collaboration with the Società estense servizi ambientali, a specialized company based in Padua.  The researchers have identified natural hydrocarbons in woods and farmlands that had been fertilized with artificial fertilizer, compost or digestate in the past ten years. Soil samples showed high levels of hydrocarbons, especially for samples taken in the woods with concentrations that reached up to four times the legal limit.”

There’s more here.

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