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Promotion, advice and providing free trees for front gardens in areas of low tree cover

New Paid Trees & Woodlands Role

Community Trees & Woodlands Officer

If you are passionate about working with groups to plant, maintain and care for trees/ woodlands and are also committed to growing your role as part of a local charity, we have just the job for you.

Click here save file to your computer: Community Trees & Woodland Officer

Email:  or Tel: Jon Clark (0117) 963 3383 to discuss.


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North Somerset’s Trees Remove £1.7 Million of Pollutants/ Year

Through 2013 the Trust worked with a group of committed volunteer Tree Wardens in North Somerset to survey nearly 200 sites across the District to collect information on any trees present. This information, along with climatic data for the survey period, has now been processed using the US Forestry Service’s iTree model.

The results graphically set out the invaluable pollution management services that North Somerset’s trees provide. They also demonstrate the huge contribution that volunteers can make and this project is the first to use volunteers to collect information in the UK.

In North Somerset, tree cover removes harmful pollutants (CO, NO2, O3, PM10, PM2.5, SO2), with an annual average value of £1,703,648.30.  This is another compelling reason why we need to look after our existing trees and plant more of them.

The iTree model can be applied at a variety of scales ranging from a local authority to a Parish or Ward, or a local park/ green space. The Trust can provide a free introductory meeting, or a detailed briefing for £125. Details of these and other services are here: iTree Flyer Text_1.

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Radstock & Haydon Trees are Looking Great

Trees planted at Southfield and Haydon earlier in 2013 are looking strong and healthy and have put on good rates of growth. More planting is planned in and around Radstock and Jen Green Trees & Woodlands Project Officer is also planning a number of Garden Forest schemes to get more trees in gardens, to complement the great work taking place elsewhere.

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Get Great Value, Quality Fruit Trees

We are really pleased to once again be able to offer fruit trees and bushes at highly competitive prices. A huge range is available to choose from and trees ordered by 24th October will be available for collection from Ashton Court in November 2014.

Fruit trees come in 12 litre pots and are 1.2 to 1.5 metres high. This year apples are again: £26, well below garden centre prices. We can also supply pot grown pear trees (£27), cherries (£29) and plums (£29). (Other fruit trees may also be available.) We also supply blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries, as well as stakes + ties, mats + pegs and rabbit guards.

Ordering is simple: please find out how to order your tree here.

If you are an allotment holder in Bristol, you can also find out how to choose suitable root-stock.

We also provide guidance on how to plant your tree.

All orders are subject to availability: alternatives will be offered. Orders need to be received by 24th October, 2014.

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Showcasing our Work

The Trust celebrated its third ‘birthday’ in December by taking on the lease of The Retreat and by filming three videos at the site, illustrating our work.  Trust patron and One Show regular Mike Dilger took time out of his busy schedule to help us with this, working with local media production company Constellation Media.

We were supported in the films by Forest School trainees; children and staff from Bradley Stoke Community School; and representatives from some of the organisations, businesses and Councils we have worked with.

Jon Clark, Trust Executive Director, said:

‘It was a cold and windy day, so huge thanks to everyone who took part. It was really heartening to hear everyone’s commitment to the cause. I am really pleased with three short films, which I hope speak for themselves.’

A mention has also got to go to Manor Farm Shop for an excellent warming lunch.

The videos are below: (also available on our YouTube Channel)

Tree Charity: the Forest of Avon Trust

Click here to play the video

 Tree Action in and Around Bristol

Forest School Leader Training

Click here to play the video


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Attention All Bristol Allotment Holders

Worcester Pearmain, Copyright Nick Dunn, Trees for Life

As promoted in June’s Bristol Allotments’ Newsletter, the Forest of Avon Trust is pleased to be able to offer the following pot- grown bush apple trees for £20 collection from Ashton Court late October/ early November:

  • Ashmeads Kernel, (Gloucestershire): eating apple, harvest October, flowering group 4; rootstocks: M27 and M9;
  • Blenheim Orange, (Oxford): eating & cooking apple, harvest October, flowering group 3; rootstock: M27;
  • Bramley’s Original, (Nottinghamshire): cooking apple, harvest October, flowering group 3; rootstocks: M27, M9;
  • Bramley’s Seedling, (Nottinghamshire): cooking apple, harvest October, flowering group 3; rootstock: M27;
  • Cox Orange Pippin, (Bristol- self fertile variety): eating apple, harvest October, flowering group 3; rootstock: M27, M9;
  • Egremont Russet, (Sussex): eating apple, harvest October, flowering group 2; rootstock: M27, M9;
  • Worcester Pearmain, (Worcester): eating apple, harvest September, flowering group 3; rootstock: M27.

More »

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Montpelier Street Orchard

Street orchard trees being collected

Urban Greening, part of Transition Montpelier has been working with the Trust to plan and deliver a street orchard in the heart of Bristol. The work was funded by a Bristol Green Capital grant, with the Trust providing advice, wholesale- priced English apple trees, stakes and mats.

This work complements the school orchards that the Trust is delivering, bringing food, shade and wildlife to urban communities, complementing existing street trees and supporting community action: ‘just what the Forest of Avon Trust is all about.

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Generating a Groundswell for Trees

Our Garden Forest scheme has provided free native shrubs/small trees in Shirehampton, Montpelier and Haydon this winter. This scheme promotes the benefits of trees, provides planting guidance and supports residents in taking local environmental action. It is also a great way of  identifying tree planting projects which we can work with local communities to deliver.

More Garden Forest schemes will follow this winter in Bath and Avonmouth.

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Free Garden Trees for Cadbury Heath, Montpelier & Yate

The Forest of Avon Trust is now offering a free, native tree or shrub for garden planting, to residents in three more communities. The offer in Shirehampton continues.

Sincere thanks to our business sponsors and Trust Friends who made this possible.

Details of the schemes can be downloaded here:

GF Cadbury Heath Flier_11_12

GF Yate Flier_11.12

GF Yate Flier_11.12

If you would like to join us as a Friend and help grow this work, please go to the Get Involved tab and find out more.

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Free Trees for Shirehampton Gardens

Rowan berries

The Forest of Avon Trust is again working with SCAF (Shirehampton Community Action Forum) to provide free native shrubs and small trees for garden planting.

If you are interested in bringing the benefits of a tree to your home whilst doing your bit to green Shirehampton and the wider area, please have a look at the document below: we look forward to receiving your application.

GF Shirehampton Flier_11.12a

The Forest of Avon Trust’s Garden Forest will be operating in a number of other communities through winter 2011/ 12. So please watch this space or follow us on twitter @forestofavon .

We would also really like suggestions from community groups about running it in your area, so plaese call Jon Clark on (0117) 963 3383 or email .

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