We offer these free & paid for services in support of our Charitable Objects:

We sell quality potted fruit trees & bushes

Twice a year we order from a range of 600+ potted English-grown fruit trees and bushes. We sell them at lower than garden centre prices and your custom supports the charity too. We work by pre-ordering and our next delivery to Bristol will be in early November 2017Please click for further details.

You can also FoA Trust_Garden-Forest-Planting-Guide and find out about Bristol’s Allotment Orchard_2017.

We sell quality potted ornamental trees & bushes

Woodland Services

Knowle Farm Wooscombe WoodWe provide advice on tree and woodland grants; the planning system and woodlands; scheme design and delivery; woodland management and timber income.

We have brought 800ha of local woodland in to approved management plans (and in many cases can do this for free); we have also secured £100,000s worth of woodland management & improvement grants & have designed & delivered many new woodlands. If we charge, our rates are highly competitive.

Contact us: by email: or telephone: 0117 963 3383.

Forest of Avon

Outside the AONBs, the West of England (Avon) lies within the Forest of Avon, one of national programme of 12 Community Forests in England. The creation of the Community Forest is set out in a Forest Plan, approved by national and local partners, supported by Planning Guidance, adopted by the four West of England authorities.

Free Trees for Schools

We are growing the range of free tree services that we can offer schools in Bristol, Avon and adjoining areas, including fruit trees, tree packs and trees + support. We would like to thank Western Power Distribution, the Woodland Trust and Defra for their support/ partnership which has made this possible.


iTree Eco 6

iTreeDo you want to quantify the range of environmental management services of the trees in your area provide, informing budgeting & investment decisions? An iTree Eco 6 survey will provide your answers.

We delivered the North Somerset iTree Eco project for North Somerset Council. For information on this, iTree Eco 6 and the service we can provide, please click here.


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