Forest of Avon

The Forest of Avon is part of a national programme of twelve Community Forests across England. The Forest’s creation is guided by an detailed Forest Plan, which sets out strategies for the Forest’s creation over 221 square miles of land in and around Bristol. The Forest Plan was approved by a partnership of the Forestry Commission, the Countryside Agency (now Natural England) and the four West of England authorities in 2002.

In 2005, all of the West of England authorities and Parish Councils which would be ‘affected’ agreed to formally extending the Forest of Avon’s boundary to all of Avon outside the Area’s of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The detailed strategy does not include this additional area, but Community Forest principles of strategic (and coherent)  landscape enhancement, community involvement and partnership working can be applied to it.

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Strategies (Chapter 18)


Planning Policy Guidance

In 2005, the four Avon (West of England) authorities adopted the following policy guidance: planning-and-the-Forest-of-Avon-a-guide-for-developers-pdf-Copy

If you would like to discuss how you may be able to contribute to the creation of the Forest of Avon, please contact Chartered Town Planner and Landscape Architect: Jon Clark at the email address below.

In 2005, the Forest of Avon was formally extended to cover the whole of Avon outside The Cotswolds and Mendips AONBs. Whilst the formal Forest Partnership ended in 2009, the Forest of Avon Trust (an independent charity) was formed to campaign for the strategic principles of the Community Forest and to deliver practical action.

The Forest Plan still has considerable relevance to the Avon area, being conceived, approved and delivered by a broad partnership of organisations and encompassing all aspects of the conservation and enhancement of Avon’s (the West of England’s) countryside.

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