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Professor Alice Roberts

Trust Patron: Professor Alice Roberts talks about the importance of woodlands, the Forest of Avon Trust and a major new research project launched this week:

I’m passionate about the importance of woodlands – and that importance ranges from the global and economic to the deeply personal and psychological. Forests form a critical component of global ecosystems – and are crucially important for humanity. They support a huge range of life – home to half of all known species; they play crucial roles in carbon and water cycles; they provide us with building materials and fuel; and as we walk through them, they fill us with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

 It’s hard to believe it, but the UK has the lowest woodland cover of any European country. After millennia of deforestation – which started thousands of years ago, in the Neolithic, as farmers cleared woodland to make way for crops and livestock – there’s now a pressing to re-forest. Visions of a sustainable UK include much larger areas of managed woodland. The mission of the Forest of Avon Trust includes protecting trees and woodland, planting more, and helping people to enjoy these wonderful natural spaces.

The University of Birmingham is committed to forest research, which will inform how we sustain and nurture our woodlands as the climate changes. We’ve just launched a multi-million pound open-air experiment aimed at understanding how woodlands will respond to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere this century. You can read more about the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research here. ’

Find out more about the Forest of Avon Trust’s wide- ranging work in Bristol & Avon here and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest tree & woodland news.

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Latest Charity News

Just click this link: http://createsend.com/t/r-421E66A7DAADEA1A2540EF23F30FEDED


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Forest of Avon Veteran Tree Project

Field trees Bitton


















The charity has long been convinced of the importance of field trees to landscape character, biodiversity and to local culture.

Through generous grant funding from The Mercers’ Company, we are launching the Forest of Avon Veteran Tree project, initially focusing on North Somerset and Bath & NE Somerset.

Over the next 18 months we will work with a wide range of partners to record veteran trees, candidate veteran trees (and where different) significant landscape trees in fields and woodlands. Anna Brunton, who will lead on the project, will submit details of unrecorded veteran trees to the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Hunt website, as well as training Tree Wardens and other volunteers to record significant trees.

Anna will also work with farmers and landowners to provide advice on tree conservation and grants. If funding can be found, we hope to deliver a further phase of the project working in South Gloucestershire.

To find out more about the project and how you can get involved, please email Anna or call (0117) 963 3383. We will also Tweet regularly about progress.

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Forest of Avon Plan

The Forest of Avon Plan is now available to download from the Forest of Avon Trust’s website, along with Planning Guidance for the Forest, adopted by the four West of England authorities in 2005.

Subject to extensive consultation across sectors, the Forest Plan sets out an agreed vision and strategy for the Community Forest across 221 square miles in and around Bristol. The Forest area was increased in 2005 to cover the whole of the West of England (Avon) outside the AONBs.

The Forest Plan still has considerable currency, so please have a look at the web page and email: jonclark@forestofavontrust.org for more information, project or funding ideas.

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The Top Ten Woods

The Woodland Trust has a list of the country’s top ten woods for autumn colour.  One is in the Forest of Avon; it’s Bishops Knoll in Bristol.  The WT says:

The Woodland Trust says, stroll around the 19th century hidden woodland and garden and uncover secrets from its grand past.

Bishops Knoll was once a medieval deer park and later the grounds of a 19th century stately home.  It is now a myriad of paths, terraces and exotic and ancient trees.

Why don’t you find the arboretum as it is slowly uncovered and while away the hours wandering around this open air time capsule.  We shall see you there …

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Forest of Avon Has Taken Root

Idealised Community Forest c.1990.

Forest of Avon Community Forest

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Why We Still Need a Community Forest

Street and garden trees integrate into woodlands

Street and garden trees integrate with existing woodland, grading to the Cotswold edge. Access links, play areas and open conservation sites extend through this. Farms and woodlands provide food and services for the urban market, with the ‘urban forest’ having the structure to accommodate any permitted development.

I worked for the first Community Forest: the Great North Forest from its beginning in 1990 and have worked in Community Forestry since. I remain strongly of the view that a shared, progressive and long- term strategy for the countryside around England’s largest urban areas is essential. This need not be prescriptive, but should be about a common will to spend time on improving the landscape and functionality of an area, in partnership with landowners, communities and many others.

The Forest of Avon Partnership ended in 2009 having achieved a great deal. Whilst 17 years is long-term in British planning terms, this charity was established to keep the momentum going. It is really heartening to hear Bristol Mayor: George Ferguson, refer to the need for more tree planting (one of our objectives) and cross boundary working.

If you want to help keep the Forest of Avon Community Forest vision and delivery going, email me here with your ideas and/or join us as a Friend (£3/ month).

Jon Clark.

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Independent Panel on Forestry Report

On 4 July 2012 the Independent Panel on Forestry published its Final Report. The Panel’s chair, the Right Reverend Bishop James Jones said:

“The Panel’s work over the last year has shown that our woodlands, managed sustainably, can offer solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing society today. We have consulted widely, visited woods and forests around the country and read over 42,000 submissions.

There is untapped potential within England’s woodlands to create jobs, to sustain skills and livelihoods, to improve the health and wellbeing of people and to provide better and more connected places for nature.

Government investment is now needed to kick start these changes which will repay itself many times over in terms of public benefit”

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Woodland Walks in the Severn Vale

Ellen’s Wood is a large privately owned woodland, developing as a great haven for wildlife. The landowner allows access on foot along a network of paths, which offer varied walking options. For further details,view/ download the leaflet Ellen’s Wood Final pdf.

Ellen’s Wood was created as part of the Forest of Avon and joining the Trust as a Friend will allow us to continue our work with landowners, safeguarding existing access to woodlands and creating new ones.

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Signs & Waymarkers for Meadow Wood

The Forest of Avon Trust has worked with local farmer Mr Clapp to help him secure grants from the Forestry Commission for improving his community woodland: Meadow Wood. Grants have helped pay for a new sign welcoming people in to the woodland and waymarkers and posts. A grant will also contribute towards annual management costs for five years.

Meadow Wood is a fantastic developing woodland in the Avon Valley, adjacent to the Monarch’s Way between Keynsham and Bitton. Walkers are welcome. General location here.

The Forest of Avon Trust is advising a number of woodland owners about the grants which are available for woodland management and public access, (as well as new planting). If you have a woodland, please contact Jon Clark on (0117) 963 3383 to discuss further and arrange a free site visit.

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