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Kingsweston Estate family day

Explore & Discover using your senses – games and activities

The following activity guides have been developed by Rachel Tomlinson for the Forest of Avon Trust to help groups and families use their senses to explore and discover natural spaces that have trees growing in them.

These activities can be used during a walk, picnic or as a more formal education session to learn about and explore the natural world through your senses.

The first two activities relate to Kingsweston Estate in Northwest Bristol and are set out to be part of a walk to explore the area around the house. However the spaces to play and explore guide has activities that could be used elsewhere.  Kingsweston Estate is a public park with a cafe.

Kingsweston Guides

Tree Treasure Hunt at Kingsweston Estate (pdf)

Spaces to play and explore around Kingsweston Estate (pdf)

Sensory Games and Activities

Woodland Collecting Game (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Natural Textures – page1 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Natural textures – page2 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Natural Shapes – page1 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Natural Shapes – page2 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Looking – page1 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Looking – page2 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Listening – page1 (pdf)

Woodland Bingo – Listening – page2 (pdf)

Practical Tree planting Guide

Guidance on planning and planting new trees is available here.

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