Veteran & Field Trees

Veteran & Field Trees

Veteran, ancient, notable and field trees are a rich part of our landscape and culture

We take action to record the great trees that we have in the West of England and we are getting the next generation of mature and veteran trees planted.

We have recently completed a project funded by The Mercers' Company, to train and work with volunteers to record veteran, ancient and notable trees in Bath & NE Somerset and North Somerset. In total, 37 veteran, 22 ancient and 18 notable trees have been recorded, which were not already included on the Woodland Trust's Ancient Tree Hunt (national) database. We will be seeking funding to deliver a similar project in South Gloucestershire, so that there is a much more complete picture of these really important trees across the West of England sub-region. This in turn can and should, influence development proposals.

As well as delivering this important project, we have undertaken veteran trees surveys for Bristol City Council in Ashton Court and Stoke Park and can offer this expertise on a consultancy basis. Interested? Email Jon Clark

A critical concern for the Trust is the lack of field tree planting in this area (as well as more widely in the country). As well as this, there is evidence of over-pruning of existing trees to get tractors closer to the field edge and in some cases, felling. Even putting aside their wildlife, landscape and cultural value (hard to do as guardian of the countryside/ member of the public), these trees still have a really important role in sheltering stock. Age, Ash Dieback disease and in some cases, poor management, mean that we stand to lose many of these trees in the next 100 years. We try and address this, through advice to landowners we meet when producing woodland management plans, but we need funding to deliver an advisory project across the area. This is a great business sponsorship opportunity. Interested? Email Jon Clark