How do we get it right - The Principles

How do we get it right - The Principles

It’s not enough to plant a tree. It needs to be the right tree in the right place. And it needs to be looked after alongside our existing woods and trees. That’s why The Forest of Avon Plan is so important.

It will help to ensure that every tree that’s planted has the best possible chance of survival and can create the biggest benefits.

The full Plan sets out the key Principles that need to be applied to planting schemes and management plans, and how these can be applied. This may include: 

• Ensuring any action protects our existing woods and trees, particularly ancient woodlands.

• Reducing flooding by planting in upland areas and on floodplains.

• Learning from ash dieback by planting a diverse range of native trees.

  • Ensuring timber can be used sustainably, particularly in the construction industry.

• Helping people to become mentally and physically healthier by involving communities in tree planting, maintenance and management.

Read through the Principles below and if you need further guidance then the Forest of Avon Trust, the Woodland Trust and other organisations are there to give advice, so get in touch with one of us. 

Over the next few weeks and months we will be running events and considering further guidance, information and support we can provide - particularly for those buying land to plant trees on, for example. We also wish to support any organisation looking to build their own models for planting/establishment. If you're in the West of England area, we are here to support you in making your plans for trees and woodlands. 

The Challenges and How We Overcome Them