Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Tree Planting in Bristol, Bath and throughout the West of England

There is huge interest in planting trees to address climate change, but there are many other good reasons to plant them. Our main motivations are for quality of life and wellbeing, enjoyment, biodiversity, air quality, flood management and shade. One other reason that may often be overlooked is that if there are established trees growing - there is probably more chance the land will remain as it is and not be put to other uses! This will especially apply if the community or the landowner is connected to the land and trees. 

We make sustainable tree planting happen by matching commitments to fund and plant trees, through working with our landowner and wider community networks, contributing our expertise in tree planting, land management and the vital aftercare.

Getting Trees Planted Locally

Well over one million trees have been planted so far in the Forest of Avon, your local Community Forest. This includes school and community orchards, large street trees, community woodlands and larger farm woodlands. Combined, they provide a huge range of local and national benefits. 

The need to lock up more carbon to mitigate climate change and ash dieback disease (which could kill 15% of local trees), mean that we need to redouble our effort to plant more trees as soon as we can. 

Trees take time to establish and provide benefits so every year lost now is critical to future generations of trees and people. 

Bristol City Council have pledged to double tree cover and have declared an Ecological and Climate Emergency. Bath City Council have also declared a Climate Emergency. 

Various organisations and authorities across the West of England, as well as us, are working together to double tree cover, establish more trees in areas of low tree cover and where they are needed to reduce flood waters and air pollution. 

Over the next ten years, we at the Forest of Avon Trust aim to plant as many trees as we can across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. This requires everyone in the community to support this work in whatever way they can. If everyone in the region planted (or helped plant) up to 3 trees each, we could reach our optimum tree cover! 

We aim to plant at least another 500,000 trees by 2030. We will be providing data showing trees planted each year and are working on how we can show all the different tree planting happening across the region. We realise as well that many local groups are planting trees as well and this is wonderful and we want to develop the ways we can support this work too. 

To give an idea of broad costs - £10 plants and provides long-term care for what is classed by foresters as a 'small' tree but which is a standard native tree (such as field maple, birch, rowan, hawthorn, dogwood, gelder rose, hazel) which will grow several metres tall, £35 pays for an orchard fruit tree planted at a local school and £325 pays for a street tree (these are generally planted by local councils). We also plant many tree-formed hedgerows with hedgerow trees (trees spaced along the hedgerow). 

However, what these costs do not take account of is all of the work involved around the tree planting which includes identifying sites through a variety of methods and long term reputation building, surveys, advice, woodland management work, biodiversity surveys, running costs, planning, regional strategies and seeking and administering funding. 

We'll be updating this page across the year to show you our planting plans and projects in more detail. 

Tree Planting with your help! 

The restrictions of Covid 19 and the lockdown have of course affected our ability to run volunteer tree planting days and to engage with the wider community for the past year. However, we will be working on planting days for November 2021 - March 2022. 

You can currently support our overall work which includes our tree planting schemes as and when sites are available through our Pledge and Adopt a Tree schemes. Your support is critical to both resourcing sites for planting and getting the trees planted. There is a huge amount of 'groundwork' that goes into all of our planting work and preparation and we are undertaking that work throughout 2021 to set up new planting schemes for the next planting season from November 2021 - March 2022. 

    Carbon Offsetting with Trees

    Contact us to discuss this in more detail. Whilst we like to promote the wider benefits of trees and the huge benefits to people living in this area, we understand that many companies and individuals seek to plant trees with the aim of offsetting some or all of their carbon use. 

    If you are a landowner, the Woodland Carbon Code and other organisations can provide additional funds for woodland creation and we can broker arrangements between landowners and these third parties where relevant. Where a robust methodology is used to calculate carbon use and the Woodland Carbon Code is used to calculate its uptake by trees, we may be able to accept donations and pass these on to landowners, provided the offset is not double-counted.  Donations need to reflect the whole life costs of planting and establishing trees. 

    To find out more about any aspect of woodland or tree planting, email us

    Do you Have Land Which Could be Planted?

    If you are a business, school, community organisation or other landowner who would like to have trees planted on your land, we will use our contacts and expertise to work with you and hopefully make this happen. Interested? Email