Green Woods Furniture

Green Woods Furniture

Green Woods Furniture have supported us for over 10 years!

Based in Bristol, this Gloucester Road community business, Green Woods Furniture are doing their bit (and more!) for the Forest of Avon – they are truly 'leafing' the way!

There are a range of different businesses who have shown a wholehearted commitment to supporting us and many also pursue their wider green credentials as a company. Green Woods Furniture is one of those businesses that has supported us since we started in 2009. As of now, Green Woods have made a Tree Dedication on behalf of over 1,300 customers!

Green Woods Furniture's whole ethos is around providing furniture that is sustainable and ethical. They source all of their wood sustainably and their items of furniture are hand crafted in the UK and made to measure.

On their website Green Woods Furniture say it all very succinctly ‘We're playing an active role in helping to maintain and improve new woodland sites for public access and wildlife, as well as supporting the fantastic work of Forest of Avon Trust.’

We look forward to seeing our partnership grow along with the trees!