Trees for Climate - Funding and Support Available Now

Trees for Climate - Funding and Support Available Now

Trees for Climate: Great New Planting Grants

Trees for Climate is a Defra backed grant tailored to the tree planting needs of communities and landowners across urban and rural areas. It is available in Bristol, Bath& NE Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. 

Trees for Climate covers all agreed costs, including establishment and maintenance and can support planting of feathered/ standard trees, hedgerows with trees, community planting including orchards, and farm woodlands. 

For further details download the pdfs below. 

In 20.21 the grant supported the planting of 15.5ha and in 21.22 and future years we have grant funding to do much more.

Trees for Climate is run by the Forest of Avon Trust, one of England's Community Forests and funded by Defra. 

Trees for Climate nationally can be found HERE

Trees for Climate Could Fund These

Trees for Climate Grant Details

Trees for Climate should be your first stop to fund tree & woodland planting in Avon/ West of England. 

Applications are assessed on value for money and contribution to Community Forest objectives including landscape enhancement; biodiversity; climate and catchment management; and sustainable timber production. 

In 20.21 the Forest of Avon Trust worked with North Somerset Council, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Bristol Water, Churchill School and Cleve Archers to help plant and establish 15.5ha of trees. We plan to support a further 330ha (500,000+ trees) over the next four planting seasons.

We offer free advice on Trees for Climate and the other tree planting grant schemes which are available and can help you develop proposals and secure Forestry Commission regulatory approvals.  

The advisory team is led by Jon Clark who has worked at a senior level in community forestry for 30 years. Over this time Jon has worked closely with farmers & landowners to plant farm woodlands, meeting a wide-range of objectives. Jon works with grant advisors Anna Brunton and Jack McCrickard who bring a wealth of experience to their roles. 

For Trees for Climate Scheme details download the pdfs below. Application forms and conditions will shortly be available to download.

In the meantime, if you would like further details, please email: (Bath & NE Somerset & North Somerset) 

or (Bristol & South Gloucestershire).