Getting Trees Planted Locally

Getting Trees Planted Locally

There are Many Great Reasons to Plant Trees

There is huge interest in planting trees to help address climate change, but there are many other good reasons to plant them We can make sustainable tree planting happen by matching commitments to fund and plant trees, with our landowner contacts, contributing our expertise in tree planting, scheme design & aftercare. 

Getting Trees Planted in Bristol & Avon

Over a million trees have already been planted in the area and we want to work with you to do much more.  

How Individuals & Businesses Can Plant Trees

We have some great schemes: 

Our local contacts mean we always have tree planting schemes in development and each year we match these to donations for trees and if possible, offers of volunteer help.

£10 plants and cares for a small tree, £35 pays for a fruit tree planted at a local school and £325 pays for a street tree (planted by a local council). For large donations we can discount the small tree cost. 

Just make a donation here, or contact with your proposal. 

Replant Bristol

Interested in tree planting in Bristol? We are a partner in Replant Bristol: a great new scheme to help deliver a doubling of tree canopy cover in the city by 2048. A donation of £10 gets a tree planted in the city, visit the web-page here.   

Planting Farm Woodlands

Whatever your interest in planting trees and however large the scheme, we can provide free, impartial advice to get you on your way (and if required, consultancy to deliver the scheme). 

You will be advised by Jon Clark has worked at a senior level in community forestry for 30 years and over much of that time has worked closely with farmers & other landowners to plant farm woodlands. Jon is also a Chartered Landscape Architect and Town Planner.

A range of options are available under Countryside Stewardship  to create new woodlands. Like the remainder of the Scheme, the largest grant payments are made where the greatest benefit is delivered. In the right locations grant payments can more than cover costs of planting and establishment. 

There are also new options under the 

We are also being approached by an increasing number of companies & individuals who want to contribute to the cost of tree planting to offset their carbon use. To find out more about any aspect of woodland planting, email us here.