Woodland Management & Planting

Woodland Management & Planting

The Forest of Avon Trust is committed to getting woodland in to active management and planting new woodlands. We work with landowners across Avon (and surrounding areas) and so far have produced Forestry Commission approved management plans for 850ha local woodland.  

Why Work With Us?

Watch woodland owner Adrian Brooks talk about his work with the charity. We have worked with a wide range of owners and for woodlands and for those 3ha+ we can often produce a management plan for free. 

Free Without Obligation Advice 

Because of our charitable objects we can offer a free without obligation discussion about woodland management or planting options and potential grant payments. Email us here

Your Advisor

Jon Clark has worked at a senior level in community forestry for 29 years and over much of that time has worked closely with farmers & other landowners to achieve mutually beneficial objectives. Jon is also a Chartered Landscape Architect and Town Planner. 

Woodland Management

Woodland Improvement Grants are available under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS). These provide funding for a five- year programme of work to improve woodland and can be linked to capital payments for related work.

To apply for these grants you have to have a current Forestry Commission woodland management plan, which also provides a 10- year Felling Licence for the work you want to undertake.

If you have woodland totalling 3ha+ on your holding, we can produce your woodland management plan for free, in return for being paid the woodland management plan capital grant.  

Woodland Planting

A range of options are available under CSS to create new woodlands. Like the remainder of the Scheme, the largest grant payments are made where the greatest benefit is delivered. In the right locations  grant payments can more than cover costs of planting and establishment. To find out more email us here.     

Ash Dieback Disease

Unfortunately this is spreading to some of the newer woodlands planted as part of the Forest of Avon. Please refer here for the latest reporting and monitoring requirements. Our Woodland Management Plans respond by setting out a thinning regime which progressively reduces the proportion of common ash in affected woodlands.