Bristol's Greenstreets

Bristol's Greenstreets

Bristol's Greenstreets could make a huge difference to your street.

The Forest of Avon Trust, Bristol Tree Forum and Bristol City Council are working together to plant 590 new street trees across Bristol this coming winter. We are contacting communities in areas where funding has been offered by the Forestry Commission, asking for your support to plant these trees and inviting you to get involved in their care and maintenance. We hope you agree that tree planting will be something positive in your area. We are looking forward to sharing ideas with you and working together to make this happen.

The before and after images above show you how fully grown trees can transform your street and neighbourhood (the image is a visualisation).

The trees will be approximately 2.5- 3.0 metres tall when planted.

Benefits of Trees in Your Street

Trees provide a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Slowing climate warming as trees absorb and store carbon dioxide (around half of every tree is stored carbon);
  • Providing shade and cooling on hot summer days;
  • Slowing the flow of water, reducing local flooding;
  • Improving air quality (reducing asthma and other health conditions);
  • Bringing wildlife close to home;
  • Creating a great outdoor space, making us feel better: so important at this time; and
  • Providing a great way for you to take action (through tree planting & care) benefiting your community and the wider environment.

People value the benefits of trees and they can increase your house value by 3 to 7%.

Bristol's Green Streets: New Forestry Commission Funding for Trees

In 2019, Bristol City Council secured funding from the Forestry Commission to help plant 590 street trees and 10 small woodlands across the city. Following consultation, 8 small woodlands were planted last winter, (with the final 2 being planted this year).

The Forestry Commission offered funding for street trees in 59 tree planting clusters in wards with low tree canopy cover. Each had an average of 10 potential tree planting locations and The Council has employed the Forest of Avon Trust to help it deliver the street tree planting, focusing on community consultation and engagement.

The original 59 planting clusters are here; local Councillors have been briefed on these.

Checking for Services

Each potential planting site has had a detailed check by Bristol City Council and the Forest of Avon Trust for services under and above ground (e.g. gas, electricity, telecoms, fibre optic cables), to make sure that we do not plant too close to these. These checks have been completed and sites where services are present have been removed from the planting clusters.

Species Selection

Bristol City Council has carefully considered tree species and has selected appropriate tree types to ensure that trees won't block out large amounts of sunlight to houses, (but would provide shade on hot days), and species which are shallower rooted to prevent any subsidence issues.
The trees will be approximately 2.5- 3.0 metres tall when planted.



From mid-September.

Using an updated list of proposed tree planting sites, Bristol Tree Forum Tree Champions and the Forest of Avon Trust are hand-delivering letters to residents closest to the tree planting locations to consult you on them, enclosing visualisations of three different tree forms and what they would look like when mature.

Everyone has the chance to comment on the form of tree they would prefer in their street, through the e-postcard below, as well as signing up to help water and care for the trees ensuring they grow to maturity. You can also say why you do not want a tree in the location closest to your house.

While this will vary in some streets, we aim to plant 10 trees in each.

Tree Planting

Tree planting will take place in the period November 2020- March 2021. Where local people want to help plant trees, which we are encouraging, we hope that Covid-19 restrictions will allow people to do this working alongside the City Council's tree planting contractors. Once planted, trees will need plenty of watering and the Trust and Bristol Tree Forum will support you with this.

The small woodlands have/ will be planted as part of the One Tree per Child programme, drawing down match funding where necessary from the One Tree per Employee campaign.


For information on the consultation programme, please email Anna Brunton, Forest of Avon Trust, here. For details of the wider Greenstreets project, please contact John Atkinson of Bristol City Council here.

Map of the 59 possible planting clusters

Each with 10 potential planting sites

Examples of the trees which could be planted in your street.