Plant Small Trees: Make a BIG Difference!

Plant Small Trees: Make a BIG Difference!

Small Trees: BIG Difference!

By donating to the Forest of Avon Trust, your business will take Replant Bristol another step closer to achieving Bristol’s ambitious target to double canopy cover by 2046.

For businesses, have a look at our new business pledge: a great way to support the charity's tree planting work in the Bristol area, showing how much you care.

Individuals and businesses can donate to support tree planting and care here.

Donations for tree planting in Bristol are held by the charity and are spent on tree planting schemes within the city, as sites become available. Planting is undertaken by Bristol City Council and others which commit to long-term tree care. In 2019/20 Replant Bristol distributed funds to plant 3,369 trees THANKYOU!

If you own land which can be planted, this could make a critical contribution to Replanting Bristol; we can provide advice and more, so please email