Adopt a Forest of Avon Tree

Adopt a Forest of Avon Tree

We look after thousands of trees in Avon and we plant thousands more each year!

Give an Adopt a Tree gift for yourself or

  • As a gift to someone
  • As a Dedication for a birthday, anniversary or commemoration
  • For each customer or member of a group

You can choose for us to email you an Adoption Certificate, together with an Information Sheet about our current work in Avon. You can print this out to keep or to send to someone else as a gift. We have introduced email certificates as a more environmentally sustainable option but if you would like a Certificate posted to you, we can do this on request.

For everyone who donates, we will add you to our email newsletter (unless you do not wish to receive it) and update you on all our work, including where we have recently planted and nurtured trees and woodlands.

£10 will enable us to plant one tree in an area of low tree cover

£25 will enable us to carry out a one hour session of work in maintaining a local woodland

£40 will enable us to plant and care for a fruit tree in a school as part of a new school orchard

£100 can pay for ten trees planted and cared for at a local school

£600 can pay for a day session of expert Woodland Wellbeing for a group living with dementia or with mental health challenges

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