Your organisation can join the Forest of Avon Pledge

Your organisation can join the Forest of Avon Pledge

The Forest of Avon is for you and our community.

The more people are involved, the better we can all enjoy and care for our local trees and woodlands.

By committing your organisation to the Forest of Avon Trust Pledge, you can explore ways to connect with your local trees and woodlands and you will also be supporting us to 'root' for your staff, your customers and every individual person in the Avon area!

Make the Pledge to increase the huge benefits that trees and woodlands bring.

Your organisation will also be supporting us in achieving our '10 goals in 10 years' and getting thousands more trees planted and thriving!

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Support the Forest of Avon as a business, school or any organisation and take our brand new Pledge!

We want to build a wider community that supports trees and woodlands, regardless of donation amount, particularly at this time with the impacts of Covid 19 on many of our our local organisations. We want every organisation to feel able to sign up to the Pledge if they wish, so please contact us if you would like to be involved.

Make the Pledge for a year and you will get a Forest of Avon Trust Business Pledge Certificate. Contact Alex at  

Display the Pledge proudly in your offices, reception, through social media and online.

We ask for a donation proportionate to your business. You can make this as a one off donation, monthly or pay an amount per customer across the year.

You will already be supporting the Forest of Avon by joining the Pledge. We will share the wonderful stories of how organisations are making extra changes and supporting the Pledge. We can help with many ideas on how you can be inspired and benefit even more through the Pledge, with large and small actions.

We can provide you with a 'Tree-O-Meter' which you can add to whenever you donate and an email you can send to customers to tell them about their contributions.

We will do a monthly social media and website feature on an organisation who has made the Pledge and we will list all organisations with your logo.

Sign up really simply and quickly and we will do all the great work that you support us in! The more you donate, the more we can do!

By joining now you will be one of the first to Pledge.

Your donations of support will help to fund tree planting as a proportion of the donation as well as all of our work in caring for our local woodlands, providing health and wellbeing projects and all our other work in achieving our optimal tree cover and woodland wellbeing.

We will have specific community tree planting appeals arising on a regular basis and will give first option to you to donate towards extra tree planting on those sites if you have joined in our Pledge.

If you are an organisation that wishes to sponsor an aspect of one of our 10 goals specifically as a project, then we would love to talk to you about this - do contact Alex to discuss

If you own land that could have new trees planted or established on it – get in touch to discuss possible options with no obligation. Contact Jon Clark

Support Trees in your local area

Contact: Alex Stone, Deputy Exec Director