Can we fund your new woodland?

Can we fund your new woodland?

Trees for Climate can fund your new trees and woodlands!

Working as part of England’s Community Forests, the Forest of Avon Trust has secured Defra funding for a major new grant for trees and woodland planting and aftercare.

Trees for Climate grants are available across the Forest of Avon (Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) and are highly flexible, supporting planting including:

  • Urban and parkland tree planting of feathered/ light standard trees at final canopy spacing
  • Hedgerows and shrub belts with field trees
  • Tree/ shrub belts within a holding planted to support catchment management
  • Community orchards and woodlands
  • Rural woodlands which deliver multiple objectives which can include timber, catchment management, landscape enhancement, nature recovery and/or public access.

Trees for Climate Grant is not a flat rate payment and is offered against agreed costs (subject to a tendering process), benchmarked against standard costs. Completed applications are also assessed in terms of their contribution to tree planting priorities set out in the Forest of Avon Plan (being updated for 2021) and whether the applicant makes any direct or in-kind contributions to the scheme.

Establishment and maintenance may be claimed as a cost as part of a scheme, which can also make discretionary payments for items including site surveys, fencing and accommodating new public access.

The minimum size criteria is 0.25ha (or equivalent for final canopy or hedgerow planting). In catchment management schemes, the minimum block is 0.10ha, provided the aggregate of schemes within a holding is 0.30ha.

We have two new advisors for Trees for Climate, so if you would like further details, or would like an application form, please email Jon at who will work with: 

Anna Brunton (Bath & NE Somerset and North Somerset) 

Jack McCrickard (Bristol & South Gloucestershire) 

If Trees for Climate funding is not available to you, we also have other sources of funding available.