The Forest of Avon Trust

The Forest of Avon Trust

Expanding the Forest of Avon.... for every one of us!

The Forest of Avon is one of England's Community Forests, encompassing the trees and woodlands across Bristol, Bath and the whole of the West of England.

The Forest of Avon has been here for over 30 years and the Trust was established 12 years ago to enable us to increase our work. 

We plant and care for trees, focussing on the wide ranging benefits they bring - for health and quality of life, air quality, flood prevention, biodiversity, recreation, soil quality and many others. We strive for everyone living and working in the region to have good access to trees and woodlands. 

We do a lot of work to benefit those living in areas of low tree cover and those who need support to access their local woodlands. 

We like to get things done! Starting with £3,000 in 2009, we have delivered successful projects and activities worth millions of pounds of net cost value but a whole lot more in terms of social and environmental value. In 2021/22 we have funded and/or delivered around 85 hectares of tree planting across the region! 

The Forest of Avon Plan - launched June 2021

We have just launched the Forest of Avon Plan: A Tree and Woodland Strategy for the West of England which sets out a 5 year action plan and starts off an acceleration of activity so we can create a sustainable and thriving West of England as well as supporting national and global needs for more trees. 

Trees for Climate

We are currently delivering a multi million pound Defra-funded tree planting programme across the region - Trees for Climate - to lock up extra carbon and help our nation to reach net zero carbon targets by 2050, balanced with all other benefits of trees and our aims as a community forest. This project is part of the Nature for Climate fund. The grant covers small and large projects and anyone can apply - landowners, community groups and local authorities. We have many other projects ongoing and in early phases which are helping us to greatly advance our impact and the expansion of the Forest of Avon for all our benefit! 

Woodland Management

We can give initial advice on woodland management and create woodland management plans. 

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Four Perspectives on the Difference we Make.

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