England's new Community Forests!

England's new Community Forests!

NE Community Forest

This summer has seen the creation of 2 new Community Forests – the Plymouth and South Devon Community Forest and the North East Community Forest, making a total of 12 across the country. They have been formed as part of the government’s drive to see tree planting rates treble in England by the end of this Parliament and are both supported through the Nature for Climate Fund.

Plymouth plan to plant up to 25ha in the first year of this project, up to 500 hectares of woodland by 2025, and then 1600ha by 2034. The North East also aim to plant up to 500ha of trees by 2025, with a long-term goal to increase canopy cover across the north east to 30% by 2050 – almost double the current national average.

We welcome these two new Community Forests to our network and looking forward to working with them to increase tree planting and bring people closer to nature!

(Photo courtesy of Sunderland City Council)