Volunteer Tree Planting

Volunteer Tree Planting

Volunteer Tree Planting

We're supporting varied planting projects this season across the West of England and slightly beyond, which means we need all hands on spades!

We'll have plenty of volunteering opportunities available across this year's planting season... And by joining one of our group planting sessions, along with feeling pretty good for giving a little bit back to the natural world, you'll be spending time outdoors, which has proven benefits for our mental wellbeing and physical health!

Interested in volunteering? Head to our Eventbrite page to sign up and find out more: Forest of Avon Trust Events | Eventbrite

Our Eventbrite will be updated on a regular basis, so if you can't see a location/ date that suits you now, please check back over the coming weeks.

Prepare for mud and rain, and for the satisfaction of making the world a greener place!

Any questions or queries, email info@forestofavontrust.org, or to learn more about our Trees for Climate work, click here.

Corporate Days

Does your employer offer volunteering days? Or do you have a group of colleagues who would like to spend a day doing something good for the environment? Our corporate volunteering days are the perfect opportunity to give back to nature, connect with your team and enjoy the many benefits of spending time outdoors!

  •  Learn how to plant trees and look after them through varied seasonal tasks, including tree planting, woodland maintenance and coppicing.
  •  Leave work behind, breathe in the fresh air and soak up the rewards of spending time in nature – proven to benefit our health and wellbeing.
  •  Support your local community forest and our big vision to expand the Forest of Avon and bring the benefits of trees to everyone.

Email info@forestofavontrust.org to find out more and request a corporate volunteer pack or download our volunteer pack at the bottom of this page. We are also offering corporate days at Great Avon Wood, our partnership project with Avon Needs Trees, throughout January, February and March 2024 - Please email info@forestofavontrust.org for more information.

Volunteering at Great Avon Wood

In partnership with Avon Needs Trees, we have have secured over 100 acres of land near the village of Pensford. Over the next three years, volunteers will help to plant and care for 40,000 trees supplied by the Woodland Trust. 

We are looking for hundreds of volunteers to help plant 16,000 trees at Great Avon Wood this winter. You can see the upcoming days here Volunteer at Great Avon Wood You will need to register as a volunteer with Avon Needs Trees and then choose any of the planting days which include weekdays and weekends, half day taster sessions and family tree planting days.

Other ways to get involved

To donate to the Great Avon Wood - get in touch with David, our Finance Director at david.taylor@forestofavontrust.org

Organise a corporate volunteering day through our partner Avon Needs Trees: https://avonneedstrees.org.uk/support-us/business-supporters/

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Corporate Days with the Forest of Avon

Interested in volunteering with us?