Your Forest - Radio series airing on BCfm and Soundmap!

Your Forest - Radio series airing on BCfm and Soundmap!

We are on the awesome BCfm radio (Bristol Community Radio) as part of their hosting Your Forest's series of programmes around Forests for All, Forests for Health, Forests for Nature and Forests for the Future!

Celebrate Forest of Avon's Forests with #YourForest (intro) (map) (radio)

Wild Rumpus, the organisers behind Timber Festival, has joined forces with #EnglandsCommunityForests and a network of 10 Community Radio Stations to create the first ever Urban Forest Sound Map, taking you further into the forests and woods around our towns and cities. To coincide with International Day of Forests on Sunday, 21 March 2021, and beyond, we’re asking people to visit their local forest, wood or park and contribute audio recordings to the #YourForest Soundmap.

The Your Forest radio series also launches on 21st March, running for 4 weeks and exploring the importance of forests to our local communities. Listeners are invited to discover the health boosting benefits of spending time amongst the trees with ‘This Morning’ GP, Dr Zoe Williams and Black Girls Hike founder, Rhiane Fatinikun. Find out more about the wildlife you can spot in your local woodland with author and podcaster, Melissa Harrison and Mya-Rose Craig, aka ‘Birdgirl’. The series also looks to the future of our town and city centre buildings - with their very own sprouting forests!

'Your Forest' has been developed in association with Sounds of the Forest, a mass-participation audio project from Wild Rumpus and Timber Festival. Launched during lockdown the global sound map invites people around the world to visit their local woodland or forest and take time to stop, listen and record the harmonies of nature. Hundreds of sounds from over 60 countries and across 6 continents have been submitted, transporting 2 million listeners to forests across the globe.

Inspired by this hugely successful project ’Your Forest’ takes you further into some of the urban forests of England, each one part of England’s Community Forests. Now more than ever the forests around our towns and cities provide valuable sanctuaries. Trees have the power to transform places and strengthen and enhance communities and 'Your Forest’ aims to reflect the importance of these green spaces to the communities who live in and around them.

We’re inviting you to spend time in your local forest, record the sounds around you and help us create beautiful soundscapes from some of our community forest areas. When collecting sounds, we ask people to stay local & observe social distancing.

Upload your sounds here:

#YourForest is funded by the Audio Content Fund.

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